Network security and Computer Data Security for Businesses on Long Island and Beyond

Are You Scared That A Computer Virus Or Hacker Might Put You Out Of Business? “What could happen to my business’s security if myself or an employee misplaced a laptop computer?” Has this crossed your mind?

With Computer Data Security and Virus Removal solutions that keep you secure, risk management for your business has never been eaiser. Our cost-effective solutions for Wireless Network Security have helped business like yours stay safe from the many online threats of today’s marketplace.

With a well-planned security architecture from KEY, you get:

Safety from online predators, with comprehensive solutions for your data security management.
– Security recommendations for your organization, to make sure you get a network security solution 
   to cover it all.
– Peace of mind, knowing you’ve taken the proper measures to secure what matters most.

Our complete solutions for network security give you all the protection your company needs.

KEY Computing works as an extension of your business to design a security solution that will meet the challenges of your company. We deliver Wireless Network Security services you can rely on.

If your business requires risk management solutions like security consulting, PC protection, intrusion prevention service, data protection, wireless network security, spyware prevention, virus removal, computer data security, wireless protection, Internet security, data security management, or PC & computer security, we can help you out.

The protection of your company and sensitive business systems and data is priceless. Defend what really matters, with Computer Data Security and Virus Removal that won’t keep you up at night.