If you lost your data today, would you still be in business tomorrow?

20% of small to medium size businesses will suffer a major disaster causing loss of critical data every 5 years.

(Source: Richmond House Group)

According to the Wharton School of Business, “approximately 10% of small companies go out of business specifically because they are not protected against data loss. That number jumps to 50% when the data is lost for more than 10 days.”

A backup of your data is critical to the preservation of your business. It is also imperative that this backup be stored off-site daily. In the event of a fire, flood, or other disaster, a backup that was left on site could be useless due to smoke or water damage.

Even if your backup tape was in good shape, it is likely to take a considerable amount of time to order, ship, and rebuild your servers in a disaster.

Until now, Small Businesses could not afford the cost of true “Disaster Recovery” backup solutions. Key-BDR changes all that by giving every business owner access to a service that was only available to the Fortune 100 a few short years ago.

Key-BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) is an appliance that reliably assures business continuity.


– Onsite backups are completely automated
– No more tapes to remember to change, rotate offsite, or replace
– Offers Ultimate Business Continuity – affordable for Small Businesses
– Data is Automatically Stored on the local appliance, and ALSO safely Sent Offsite over the Internet  
   to a secure location
– When needed, Servers can be brought up (or Virtualized) on the local appliance, and used as your 
   production server until the original server is back online.
–  In the event that your site is unavailable for any reason, your servers can be brought up (or 
   Virtualized) over the Internet until your original server is back online.

Additional Features:

– 24 x 7 American Based Help Desk Support
– Local Test Virtualizations are automated nightly and notify you of any concerns
– Virtualized Server images are used to restore your servers when they come back online
– Easily test, verify and validate offsite data.